Accounting Essentials



"Leah Kirkpatrick has worked with Thomas Engineering for 5 years and has been a great addition to our team.   Her work is very meticulous, always on time and well organized. She works well with our team and is always willing to help out in any way possible – I highly recommend her."

      - Cam Thomas, Thomas Engineering Ltd.

I have had the pleasure of reviewing the books of account and year-end files prepared by Leah Kirkpatrick for my clients. In my experience, her work has been consistent, complete and accurate. There are two key reasons that I am pleased to recommend her services to my clients. First, I am confident that her work will be performed in a complete, accurate, and professional manner that meets my clients' needs. Second, the fact that I am able to recommend someone whose work is reliable ultimately reflects positively upon my accounting practice.

    - Deborah L. Boucher, CA, CMC,
       D.L. Boucher Consultants Inc.